Waterborne core and mold coatings produced in an array of refractory minerals, depending on the application and casting type. These products can be torch, air or oven dried, each drying process yielding the same end result.


Core and mold coatings incorporating alcohol or solvent blends as the carrier. REFCOHOL coatings may be air dried or lit-off. Our REFCOTEC refractory blends are engineered to withstand even the most severe casting applications.


Waterborne coatings for use in the lost foam and full mold casting processes. These products are formulated in a variety of refractory blends to handle an assortment of casting sizes and metal types.

Resin Systems


Alkyd based resin blends exhibiting good plasticity and minimal sensitivity to foundry variables. ALKAST systems require a polyisocyanate coreactant. They are produced with reaction speeds from ten minutes to two hours. If needed, a third component can be added at the mixer to obtain faster strip times.


Acid catalysts used with furan and phenolic no-bake resin systems. Proper catalyst selection is an important factor in binder performance. CHEMKURE catalysts may be toluene sulfonic acid (TSA), benzene sulfonic acid (BSA) or blends of both (TSA/BSA). They are available in water, alcohol and water/alcohol solutions.


Oils used in combination with water and cereal to develop an initial green strength for handling strength and a strong chemical bond when baked. COROIL cores exhibit a combination of very high strength and very good shake out. They are often used to make intricate shapes. Solventless formulas reduce concerns with odors and emissions.


Furan resins offering excellent dimensional accuracy, high strength and effective reclamation by thermal or mechanical equipment. DURAKAST resin systems utilize acid catalysts selected for specific foundry requirements. Furan binders are the most popular choice of foundries around the world.


Phenolic ester, no-bake resin most often selected for it’s low odor, high hot strength and excellent pattern release. A wide range of ester coreactants are available to meet the work time and strip time needs of any foundry.


Phenolic urethane cold box resin systems designed for use in high production core and mold manufacturing operations where an amine gas is used for catalyzation. There are several different resin systems to accommodate the unique requirements of the foundry.


Phenolic resins cured by acid catalysts. PHENKAST products are favored for their excellent pattern release, hot strength, resistance to metal penetration and economy. A wide range of acid catalysts allows each foundry to select the work time and strip time to fit their needs.


Resin systems designed specifically for non-ferrous casting applications. They demonstrate excellent shake out for metals that solidify at low temperatures. This system offers maximum performance with minimum odor.


Sodium silicate binders, catalysts and co-binders, which are virtually odor free and smoke free. These binder systems can be cured by the use of carbon dioxide gas or with REFCOBOND liquid catalysts. REFCOBOND is the industry’s most environmentally safe binder.


Three part phenolic urethane no-bake systems designed for use where the foundry is looking for adjustable strip times, from fast to slow, with a liquid catalyst. They are available in various grades to meet the needs of the foundry.



REFCOSTIX brand products include a full line of core pastes and mold sealants. They are most commonly supplied as water-based or solvent-based ready-to-use adhesives and ready-to-mix powders. A low smoke, oil-based product is available for hot shell applications.

Mudding Compounds


REFCOSLIK brand products are low volatile mudding compounds for use with all sand binder and metal types. REFCOSLIK will not dry out or crack. REFCOSLIK compound is easily smoothed with molder’s tools or by hand.



REFCOPART brand products include a variety of parting compounds. They are designed to aid in the release of cores or molds from patterns. For your convenience our REFCOPART products are supplied in dry powder, water-based, solvent-based, or oil-based formulations.

Additional Products


-Twisted Steel Gaggers. Core makers and molders prefer the lighter weight and superior sand gripping power of twisted gaggers.  The lighter weight makes handling easier and provides many more pieces per pound than rebar gaggers.  The added surface area gives better gripping, holding power and strength than rebar.  The use of twisted steel gaggers can result in significant cost savings versus rebar gaggers.


-Hot Toppings
-Riser Sleeves

Armour Spray Systems

-Flowcoat Equipment
-Spray Equipment


-Temperature Measurement
-Thermal Analysis


-Zirconia Filters

Sand Additives

Sand Additives


Core and mold sand additive available in organic, inorganic, and mixed system formulations designed to eliminate casting defects related to veining, gas, and metal penetration.


Grey and ductile iron, steel, and non-ferrous alloys.


Most commonly used between 1-3% of total weight of foundry sand mixes. Successful in cold-box, green sand, no-bake mold facing, and no-bake cores.


  • Reduces or eliminates veining and gas defects in cold-box and no-bake applications.
  • Eliminates need for expensive specialty sands.
  • Relatively low addition rates when compared to alternatives.
  • Up to 78% reduction in thermal expansion when added to silica molding/core sands.


1,300lb bulk sacks or 50lb bags.


Unlike most “one-size-fits-all” sand additives, we continue to work with our customers to develop the most effective formula at the lowest cost for their specific application. This includes proven versions with varying levels of red or black iron oxide, formulas with targeted LOI and several inorganic formulations. Please contact your REFCOTEC representative for additional information.


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