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REFCOPART brand products include a variety of parting compounds. They are designed to aid in the release of cores or molds from patterns. For your convenience our REFCOPART products are supplied in dry powder, water-based, solvent-based, or oil-based formulations.


REFCOSTIX brand products include a full line of core pastes and mold sealants. They are most commonly supplied as water-based or solvent-based ready-to-use adhesives and ready-to-mix powders. A low smoke, oil-based product is available for hot shell applications.


REFCOSLIK brand products are low volatile mudding compounds for use with all sand binder and metal types. REFCOSLIK will not dry out or crack. REFCOSLIK compound is easily smoothed with molder’s tools or by hand.


-Twisted Steel Gaggers. Core makers and molders prefer the lighter weight and superior sand gripping power of twisted gaggers.  The lighter weight makes handling easier and provides many more pieces per pound than rebar gaggers.  The added surface area gives better gripping, holding power and strength than rebar.  The use of twisted steel gaggers can result in significant cost savings versus rebar gaggers.


-Hot Toppings
-Riser Sleeves

Armour Spray Systems

-Flowcoat Equipment
-Spray Equipment


-Temperature Measurement
-Thermal Analysis


-Zirconia Filters