Sand Additives


Core and mold sand additive available in organic, inorganic, and mixed system formulations designed to eliminate casting defects related to veining, gas, and metal penetration.


Grey and ductile iron, steel, and non-ferrous alloys.


Most commonly used between 1-3% of total weight of foundry sand mixes. Successful in cold-box, green sand, no-bake mold facing, and no-bake cores.


  • Reduces or eliminates veining and gas defects in cold-box and no-bake applications.
  • Eliminates need for expensive specialty sands.
  • Relatively low addition rates when compared to alternatives.
  • Up to 78% reduction in thermal expansion when added to silica molding/core sands.


1,300lb bulk sacks or 50lb bags.


Unlike most “one-size-fits-all” sand additives, we continue to work with our customers to develop the most effective formula at the lowest cost for their specific application. This includes proven versions with varying levels of red or black iron oxide, formulas with targeted LOI and several inorganic formulations. Please contact your REFCOTEC representative for additional information.


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